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In Ultra Care Dentists & Orthodontic Clinic Dr.Amruta Gotkhinde is well experienced, consultant Best Dentist in Wanawadi, Pune. Her area of interest is the straightening of irregular teeth to deliver one of the best smiles in you. Her expertise is invisible orthodontics without compromising the function of teeth.

Dr. Amruta is well Qualified in Dental care. She is at par with academics having many research & publications in her name. She believes in delivering the most authentic and cost-effective treatment.

Ultra Care Dentists & Orthodontic Clinic it’s a one-stop center for your complete dental care. It’s a state of the art clinic with all advanced technology It is having great ambiance and friendly staff. Here we are committed to delivering the best possible dental care to improve patients’ facial aesthetics and function.

Best Orthodontist Specialist in Pune - Dr. Amruta Gotkhinde

Materials & Equipment

Safety & Quality

Dental chairs must have an ergonomic design in order to provide optimum comfort for the patient. Proper padding and cushioning are always a good sign when choosing a dental chair. Some dental chairs are even designed to contour underneath the patient’s body which improves back support and prevent posture issues.

The baseplate of the dental chair will be the part that will get the most abuse. It will take the brunt of any cleaning chemical used so it is important that the baseplate is extremely resistant to such chemicals. It is also advisable to get a baseplate that does not have a painted finish. The painted baseplate is highly susceptible to scratches which will affect the overall aesthetic of your dental chair in the future.

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